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Can you believe it? You only need to work five days in a year and you can get a salary of 700,000. If offered this job to you, would you accept it? I believe that foodies must be familiar with seafood, especially the Alaskan king crab. It is the only crab that can climb horizontally and walk vertically. The average weight is about 10 kilograms. However, when ordinary crabs are alive, All have a blue shell that turns red when cooked. The Alaskan king crab is different. When it is alive, it wears a dark red shell, the whole body is covered with thorns, and the crab legs are long and thick. They grow in cold deep-sea waters, so the meat is very plump, which also makes it a member of high-end delicacies. It is said that an Alaskan king crab costs about 3,000 yuan..So,how many king crab el paso do you need per person?

king crab vs snow crab legs

Even such an expensive price can't stop food lovers from rushing to buy. Many times, the king crabs just salvaged from the sea have been snapped up and are often in short supply. So, the point is, how to fish such a big king crab? Is there any professional salvage machine? Thinking like this, you are wrong. For the fishing of king crabs, there are special "crab catchers" who need to go to the deep sea for salvage. This process can be said to be extremely dangerous. Of course, this is also one of the most lucrative and most dangerous occupations abroad. The death rate from work-related injuries in this occupation is about 50 times that of ordinary workers. Every crab fishing season, on average, one person per boat will be killed..So,how to cut and serve king crab vs snow crab legs?

opilio crab vs king crab

Because, in the waters of Alaska, storms are like a regular meal, not to mention some unobservable bad weather, these conditions are the reasons for the high price of king crab..So,how to steam frozen alaskan opilio crab vs king crab?

Generally speaking, a crab fishing boat will hire 5-8 crew members. As the crab fishing season begins, each captain will start to overhaul the hull and the tools used for crab fishing..

Secondly, it is necessary to study the distribution map of king crabs in recent years, and stagger it from other ships as much as possible. On each crab fishing boat, there is a unique "sail-off ceremony". Today, the Northwest is a raw herring, and the crew We believe that this is a symbol of blessing everyone with a safe journey..

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