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I’m re-offering for the Business Manager of IBEW Local 37, and as a Local 37 voter, I’m hoping you’ll give me your support by voting for me, and also by sharing this post with your IBEW Local 37 co-workers.

Helping others and showing leadership has always been important to me. I take this job seriously, and here are ten ways I’ve worked hard for members throughout my career:

  1. Local 37 Business Manager for 12 years (elected 2006, 2010, 2014 – present), Assistant Business Manager for 10 years prior (1996 – 2006), Unit Chair/Executive Board member (1994 – 1996);
  2. Lead Negotiator on more than 20 sets of successful contract negotiations since 1998, gaining improvements for members every time;
  3.  Helped countless members from all bargaining units by directly representing them at grievance meetings, disciplinary meetings, and with other issues for 24 years;
  4. Champion of worker safety – participating on High Level Safety Committees, helped introduce the joint commitment to safety, many media interviews on worker safety and I participate annually in multiple Day of Mourning ceremonies;
  5. Representing Canada on the Executive Board of the IBEW – the International Executive Council (2013 – present);
  6. Led the initiative to roll out the IBEW Code of Excellence at Local 37 and negotiated paid time off for members to attend training;
  7.  Designed and implemented lobby campaigns on issues important to Local 37 members, and was Local 37’s media spokesperson on key membership issues e.g., the importance of the continued operation of Belledune and Coleson Cove, “NB Power – Not for Sale” campaign, Point Lepreau refurbishment campaign, etc.;
  8.  Committee member on High Level Safety, High Level Labour/Management, Pension, Benefits, Atlantic Utility Council, Trustee of IBEW Local 37 Training Trust Fund, etc.;
  9. Delivered numerous presentations and written submissions on behalf of Local 37 members e.g., to the Energy and Utilities Board (EUB), NB Government Select Committee on Climate Change, Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission, NB Government Electricity Task Force, etc.;
  10. Helping our member’s communities move forward by volunteering and personally supporting community organizations like the United Way, New Brunswick Association for Community Living and World Vision Canada, and personally sponsoring an annual $500 bursary for our youth. Winner of NBCC’s 2017 annual Alumni award for Community Leadership.

    As an IBEW Local 37 voter, I hope you’ll vote for me once you receive your ballot, so that I can keep working hard for you every day.