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“I have been involved with the IBEW since 1967 and have worked with a lot of dedicated hard working men and women in the labour movement and I believe brother Ross stands with the best of them to fight the continuing attacks on labour, while always keeping Local 37’s members interests in the forefront. He has, in my mind, done a great job and my vote will be cast for brother Galbraith and I urge all 37 members that when we receive our ballots to get them off the fridge, marked, and back in the mail on time, and not think they will win anyhow, remember every vote counts” 

Gord Simpson, IBEW Member & Power Line Technician (PLT)

“I have had the pleasure of speaking with Ross on many occasions, whether at a union meeting, a quick discussion at site, or during the annual Training Trust Conferences. He has always been very approachable, supportive and knowledgeable. Whether at work, or a chance meeting elsewhere, he always conducts himself in a very professional manner, and his efforts to support our members is unwavering.”

Leah Belding, IBEW Member & Shift Supervisor at PLGS

On Ross’s video Dealing with Management:

“I can vouch for what’s said here. I have seen Ross at a negotiating table first hand. There is no over the top foolishness and he makes it a point to keep his team in line with his philosophy. A proven and cunning negotiator…..”

Dave McNeill, IBEW Member & Shop Steward

“My dad was a union leader and he worked hard for things we often take for granted – better wages, safer working conditions, reasonable hours, and workplaces that are diverse and inclusive. I am grateful my dad taught me to vote for union leaders with strong character. Leaders who mean what they say and who put the best interests of their members first and foremost.

When I think of the traits of a true leader – integrity, passion, empathy, patience, diplomacy and commitment, I think of my dad and I think of Ross Galbraith! For these reasons and many more, Ross has my vote!”

Joanne Nickerson,  IBEW Member & Administrative Analyst – Energy Efficiency Services

“Ross – This evening I sat in on your presentation at the NBEUB’s public session.

Thanks for making such a well-developed and delivered presentation.

As a long time member of local 37, I have always been proud to be part of a union that stands up for the fair treatment of workers, particularly in the area of safety.

Tonight I am especially proud because the voice of our union needs to be heard (often!) during regulatory hearings such as this. It is important that the NBEUB understands that NBP is not a faceless monopoly but a vibrant public resource comprised of thousands of hard-working, dedicated New Brunswickers!

So, on behalf of myself, and, if I may be so bold, on behalf of all NBP members of Local 37… Thanks!”

Kevin Gibson,  IBEW Member & Regulatory Specialist – Rate Design

“IBEW Local 37 is where it’s at today because of Ross Galbraith. He has worked tremendously hard in developing a great working partnership with NB Power(employer) and local 37(employees). It is because of Ross that we have had some of the best Collective agreements in the provinces history. Not only has Ross excelled as our Business Manager of IBEW Local 37, he has been recognized on the international stage as Canada’s international executive council member. He puts the interests of local 37’s members first and this is why I will be voting for Ross Galbraith.”

Kyle Skerry,  IBEW Member Shop Steward at PLGS


“I’ve been on several negotiating teams with Ross Galbraith and he always fights hard and stands up for our members. He’s never afraid to tell the company things they don’t want to hear – he tells it like it is. When it comes to negotiating and running our union, we need Ross, a guy who knows what he’s doing.”

Glenn Hubbard, IBEW Member  & Supervisor Warehouse Inventory Planning & Operation 

“I encourage everyone to support Ross.

To put my endorsement into perspective, I have worked in and led many utilities across the country. IBEW represented the trade workers for most of those utilities, and from my perspective, IBEW is very progressive in its outlook and support for its membership.

With that context, Ross is a a rare commodity as an international union leader who understands the dramatically changing industry and has incredible insights on how to support the membership through these challenging and exciting times.

Endorsing Ross is not only a vote of support for him and the members he represents, but also the utility and our rapidly evolving industry.”

Ray Robinson – President & CEO of Saint John Energy

“IBEW Local 37 is so fortunate to have a man like Ross Galbraith at the helm. I first met Ross at the IBEW International Women’s Conference. He was there to supporting members from his locals as well as the IBEW Sisters from Canada. He was there to listen and learn how to make his local and the IBEW Canada more inclusive. As a Journeyed Tradeswomen it is so great to meet a progressive Business Manager. Over the years I have gone to Ross for advice on hard issues within the construction industry. He is always willing to take the time and talk me through what my next steps should be. Ross realizes that going forward we need to include all workers. He is shining example of a progressive and inclusive Business Manager.”

Joann Greeley,  Advocate, BC Center for Women in the Trades

“Having never been in a Union in my entire career of 25+ years, I felt a certain amount of trepidation at the thought of joining union local 37.  After meeting and getting to know our local business manager Ross Galbraith, I realized that my reservations about joining a union were groundless.  Ross is a consummate professional that always keeps the members at the forefront of his mind.  No matter what happens, I can trust Ross will always do what’s in the best interests of his members.”

Bob Elvin, IBEW Member  & Senior IT Specialist

“Ross Galbraith possesses those strong leadership skills that I admire most: he is intelligent, a great communicator and works diligently to ensure that all members are equally and fairly represented. 

Carole Sherrard, IBEW Member &  Contract Specialist – Procurement 

“Ross, I wanted to express my appreciation for the way you handled the recent level II grievance we were involved with. Your commitment of ensuring fairness and integrity were certainly appreciated.

The relationships you have established with NB Power executive, and particularly with the board of directors, have obviously allowed you to be very successful at seeking solutions for our membership.

 I could not have asked for more, and again thank you for the inspiring role you played in ensuring our member was treated with respect, integrity and honour.”

Ron Ferguson P. Eng., IBEW  Member & Shift Supervisor

“Ross, just wanted to give you thumbs up regarding the article you submitted in the Telegraph regarding Point Lepreau…way to go!! I can’t believe some reporters. Its time we stand up and put them in their place…great stuff!”

Wanda Hierlihy – IBEW Member & Resource  Plan Administrator

“Ross Galbraith is a true leader for the Sisters and Brothers of IBEW Local 37 as well as our Members across Canada.

Whenever I needed advice on difficult situations with my Employer’s or the Government, I looked to Ross for that intelligent, pro-active , pragmatic insight . IBEW Local 37 and the IBEW First District are fortunate to have a visionary like Ross Galbraith acting on our behalf. Ross doesn’t sit on the fence or bail out of the Membership boat when the difficult labour situations face IBEW and the labour waters are getting choppier every day in Canada.

Ross is always listening , adapting and utilizing input to come up with the best game plan for the Members of IBEW. I would follow Ross Galbraith into battle anytime because he serves the Members and not himself.”

Neil Collins – Former Business Manager, IBEW 2067, Saskatchewan


“Ross, you have proven to us time after time that you’re one of our most dedicated and committed leaders in the IBEW, all of us in Canada are fortunate to have you. There is no greater calling than to serve your Brother/Sister and that’s something you do well every day!”

Mike Velie – Business Manager, IBEW Local  2034, Manitoba